Cigarette Taxes May 2010

Washington State - $1 tax increase per pack as of May 1, 2010!

- Taxes now over $3 per pack in Washington. A pack is well over $6 and possibly as much as $7 per pack in some locations.

Australia - Government jacks up taxes and requires plain packaging

- Same story down under, pay out your nose for your smokes.

Europe - Imperial Tobacco company raises prices to compete with taxes

- People stop smoking because of taxes, so the company has to raise prices even more to keep profits.

Oregon - Anti-tobacco activist on his organization's plans

"There is excellent research that clearly identifies what needs to be done to eliminate tobacco use. CDC Director Thomas R. Frieden recently said: "Smoke-free laws, hard-hitting ads and higher cigarette prices are among our strongest weapons in this fight against tobacco use.""


Apparently our choice to smoke tobacco doesn't matter, he wants to "eliminate tobacco use."

One has to wonder how much higher these taxes are going to go. A lot of the motivation comes from the government that wants taxes, and guys like this in the last link who want to stop all smoking. Fairness to smokers isn't important to them.