Bloomberg on the march again, seeking to increase cigarette prices in New York


NYC Mayor Bloomberg has proposed legislation that would raise the minimum price of a pack of cigarettes in New York to $10.50 per pack (over 50c per cigarette). Not only would this legislation increase the cost of tobacco, but it would prevent the use of coupons on cigarettes, like "two for one" deals ie. buying 2 packs for the price of 1 that is commonly seen in many convenience stores.

This legislation is different than most in that it requires a minimum price of cigarettes. Many states simply have a high tax rate which jacks up their prices, but in this case it would set a specific minimum cost per pack of cigarettes in NYC. It is to be seen whether or not this legislation will pass.

Smokers resorting to re-lighting cigarettes to save money


Many smokers have been resorting to relighting their used cigarettes to save money ever since the cost of cigarettes became so high. What they mean is that people are taking cigarette butts that they already smoked and relighting the butts and smoking them. Quite a desperate measure, but also a sign of how steep tobacco prices affects your average smoker.

As many as half of smokers in the study that was done had re-lit cigarettes. People who were more likely to re-light cigarettes were those with the last amount of money or income.


Cook County Illinois raising $1 more in cigarette taxes

Despite increasing cigarette taxes in Illinois by $1 last June, the tobacco tax in Cook County (Chicago) has increased again by another one dollar. The main reason is to get people to stop smoking and bring in tax revenue.