Obama's new anti-smoking bill

Obama and his administration are pushing an anti-smoking bill, H.R. 1256. It's called the "Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act."

Info here and here.

What the bill will do:

- Bigger warning labels on packs of cigarettes. 50% or more of the package will be a warning label

- Tobacco sponsorships of entertainment or sports will be banned. Also banned are giveaways of non-tobacco products with tobacco purchases.

- Cigarette vending machines will only be available in places made exclusively for adults, as well as point-of-sale advertising.

- Apparently cigarettes flavored with sweeteners and "mild" tastes won't be available in stores. I'm not sure what they mean here, banning all cigarettes from stores with flavors?

It reads:

"Smokers, particularly the younger crowd, will find they can no longer buy cigarettes sweetened by candy flavors or any herb or spices such as strawberry, grape, orange, clove, cinnamon or vanilla. Cigarettes advertised as "light" or "mild," giving the impression that they aren't as harmful to health, will no longer be found on store shelves."

This report appears to back it up and says:

"No more "light" cigarettes or candy-flavored smokes. Bigger, scarier warning labels. Fewer ads featuring sexy young smokers."

Well, I don't like the sound of this bill at all. They need to stay out of our business.

In other news, Obama is having trouble staying smoke-free.


Cigarette Price News for June 7, 2009

Cigarette Price and Cigarette Tax News:

Pakistan: FBR to determine minimum price for tobacco tax

New Hampshire: Another cigarette tax hike will hurt small businesses, families

Taiwan: New cigarette prices leave consumers confused

New York: Cigarette Tax Increase Lowered NY Smoking Rates

Jakarta, Indonesia: Govt may raise cigarette excise by 10%

Australia: AMA backs cigarette tax hike

Cigarette Prices by Location:

Chicago - $9.25 for Camel Lights

Upstate South Carolina - $3.75 for Dorals

Tacoma, Washington - $5.60+ for Marlboro

Fresno, California - $5.00 - $6.15 for premium brands

Maine - $5.15 for Pall Mall and $5.45+ for other premium brands

Tampa, Florida - $5.45 for Newport

More Cigarette Price Notes

We're most likely going to see a Cigarette price increase in 2009, but it may come next year. Most forecasters see cigarette prices going up at some time in the future but the exact time is unknown. Cigarette prices in the USA are in a turbulent period due to the economy, while it's a bit more stabilized around the world.


Cigarette Price News for June 1st and a cigarette prices by state report

Montreal: Depanneur group wants cigarette prices lowered

A group representing owners of convenience stores says a new poll has found that higher taxes on cigarettes are playing a role in store closures.

The group says contraband cigarettes cost about $2, whereas legal cigarettes cost around $8 or $9....


Thailand: Poll: Cigarette Smokers too weak to quit

Most Thai smokers would like to quit smoking but they have not been very successful, according to a survey by the Suan Dusit Poll.

On the occasion of the World No Tobacco Day on Sunday, the survey was conducted between Thursday and Sunday, involving 1,092 respondents, both smokers, second-hand smokers and non-smokers, in Bangkok and nearby provinces.

On the respondents’ views on cigarette smokers, 41.06 per cent said smokers can smoke without causing troubles to others. 30.72 per cent were worried about the health of smokers. 28.22 per cent believed smokers had the right to smoke....


Australia: Tobacco tax will widen wealth gap

A proposal to increase taxes on cigarettes would direct the money of some of the worst off in our society to some of the most affluent, writes Jennifer Doggett.....


Some recent cigarette price reports

Cigarette Prices in:

Western New York: $4.75-$5.75

Kansas: $4.50-$5.50

Des Moines, Iowa: $5.15

Boise, Idaho: $5.25+

Baltimore, Maryland: $5.50-$6.00

These are prices for a pack of premium cigarettes like Camel, Marlboro, Newport, Doral etc.