Mt Baker Vapor - Hawk Sauce vs Butterscotch as ADV

Mt Baker Vapor's most popular flavor of e-liquid is their Hawk Sauce variety (named after the Seattle Seahawks) since they are located near Seattle. It is a nice, very slightly fruity, full flavor that tastes best after a month's worth of steeping. In my opinion, mt baker vapor's butterscotch flavor is their best for ADV or "all day vape." It lacks the fruitiness of Hawk Sauce, but that's good since the fruitiness of hawk sauce can become annoying over time and the butterscotch flavor ends up tasting better in the long run.

Their best fruit type e-juice is their Green Apple. This flavor is excellent steeped or unsteeped. It retains its distinctive, realistic flavor in many different types of e-cigarette devices. 

Other quality flavors: Strawberry, Grape, Cinnamon Roll


Do I need to steep my eliquid?

Steeping e-liquid means letting your ejuice rest for a while after its made. Most eliquid does not develop the full breadth of its flavor right after production, instead there are several methods you can use to create a better flavor in your e-liquid.

How to steep your e-liquid

To put it simply, steeping means just letting the bottle of e-liquid sit there for a certain amount of time before using it. Some say only a week is necessary, others wait several months. Much of the time required for eliquid steeping depends on the brand and flavor. One thing you can do it periodically try out the flavor to see if it has developed enough. 

E-liquid Steeping Technique 1: Let it breathe

It is your choice whether to allow the e-juice to steep with the cap on or off. Some believe keeping the cap off allows for better airflow for steeping. I tend to keep the caps off myself.

E-liquid Steeping Technique 2: Shake it up!

At certain periods, like daily or twice a week, you can pick up the bottle and shake it up (with the cap on), to speed up the steeping process. This is not required, but it will steep the liquid quicker.

E-liquid Steeping Technique 3: Warm it up

Slight heat makes the steeping process faster. Keeping your juice in a warm but not hot environment will let the eliquid come together better.

Basically, if you want the best vape possible, it is generally better to let your liquid steep, especially if you buy brands like Mt. Baker Vapor who make their product at the same time they send it to you.


Mt Baker Vapor e-cigarette and e-liquid reviews

One of the most popular online e-cigarette retailers is Mt Baker Vapor. They sell the usual products that most do, but what sets them apart if their e-liquid. They provide some of the cheapest, but quality e-liquid on the internet.

They have many flavors and if you buy the big 235ml bottles, then you can vape all day for under $1 per day. One of those big bottles can last you a month or two depending on how much you vape. 

A downside of Mt. Baker Vapor e-liquids is that you really need to let them steep first before using them. This means to let it sit for several weeks before using to develop the flavor. Baker Vapor differs from many e-liquid retailers in that they make their liquid the same day they send it to you which means it doesn't have time to steep on its own.

My favorite Mt. Baker Vapor flavors:

Green Apple
Hawk Sauce
Cinnamon Roll


Troubleshooting an EVOD coil rebuild

There are a number of guides out there on rebuilding EVOD coils that could explain how to do it better than what I can provide here. For instance, the videos are the best guide. If you want to rebuild an EVOD coil, try searching on youtube for an instructional.

Assuming you have the right supplies (organic cotton, kanthal wire, ohm tester etc), then you will be able to begin rebuilding it. When I first began to rebuild my coils, I ran into a few problems that even the guides and videos didn't talk about. I'm going to describe them here.

1. Make sure the coil is not touching ANY metal at all. The bottom rubber part needs to be clipped properly, but the coil itself also need to be avoiding any part of the metal sides. This can be frustrating when you first begin rebuilding your coils. So remember to avoid the coil from touching any metal.

2. Instead of rebuilding your coil all the time, you can also just yank out the organic cotton wick and burn the bare coil, then re-insert another cotton wick.

3. I have found a smaller coil to be better, meaning it is wound around a thinner piece of material (nail, hex key etc). This makes for an easier build in general.

4. Buy enough kanthal wire. The wicks or cotton will last a long time, but the kanthal wire can go quick especially when you are first starting since you will waste some trying to get your first coil going.


Kanger Protank 2 review

Kanger Protank 2 

The Kanger Protank 2 costs around $20, give or take $5.

One of the downsides of this tank is that the flavor doesn't taste as full as other tanks. I don't taste the full flavor of the e-liquid I am vaping. Additionally, you may need to buy a Kanger airflow valve for it, because the airflow in the protank 2 doesn't work too well. I bought one myself, and it works great. The airflow valve only costs around $8 or less.

This tank is a solid-built glass pyrex tank that can handle almost all type of e-liquid. You can also use standard EVOD coils with it, which is a bonus. Overall I would rank this tank pretty highly, because it is durably built and aesthetically attractive for a reasonable price. It can be used with a 510 battery.

Kanger Airflow Control Valve


Kanger EVOD E-cigarette review

I have used a basic EVOD kit for the last 9 months, and it is still going strong with. It comes with 2 batteries, a basic clearomizer and a charger.

Since then I have bought several more kits of other brands, but I have found the basic EVOD kit to be my favorite of the basic e-cig kits out there. Flavors taste good and it is reliable. You can buy cheap replacement coils at many websites and e-cigarette retailers.

The EVOD allows for easy maintenance as well. For instance, burning the coils to clean gunk off the EVOD is easy. It is also not that hard to do EVOD rebuilds if you have the right equipment like kanthal wire, organic cotton and an OHM tester.

A downside to the basic EVOD clearomizer is that it is a plastic tank which means that certain liquids can cause it to crack, but most retailers will tell you if their e-liquid is known to crack glass tanks. Overall I would rate Kanger EVOD the best of the low price e-cig kits.


Bloomberg on the march again, seeking to increase cigarette prices in New York


NYC Mayor Bloomberg has proposed legislation that would raise the minimum price of a pack of cigarettes in New York to $10.50 per pack (over 50c per cigarette). Not only would this legislation increase the cost of tobacco, but it would prevent the use of coupons on cigarettes, like "two for one" deals ie. buying 2 packs for the price of 1 that is commonly seen in many convenience stores.

This legislation is different than most in that it requires a minimum price of cigarettes. Many states simply have a high tax rate which jacks up their prices, but in this case it would set a specific minimum cost per pack of cigarettes in NYC. It is to be seen whether or not this legislation will pass.

Smokers resorting to re-lighting cigarettes to save money


Many smokers have been resorting to relighting their used cigarettes to save money ever since the cost of cigarettes became so high. What they mean is that people are taking cigarette butts that they already smoked and relighting the butts and smoking them. Quite a desperate measure, but also a sign of how steep tobacco prices affects your average smoker.

As many as half of smokers in the study that was done had re-lit cigarettes. People who were more likely to re-light cigarettes were those with the last amount of money or income.