Cigarette Price News - Late, late August 2009

A lot of bad sounding news, an unsure time for cigarette prices and taxes.


USA - Budget Negotiators In Accord To Raise Cigarette Tax To $3 A Pack

- Smokers beware.

Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell and top Democrats still sharply disagree on many budget issues, but they have reached an accord on the cigarette tax: It needs to go up $1 a pack.

Ireland - WHO urges €2 increase in cigarette prices

- IRELAND SHOULD continue to increase the price of cigarettes to put them out of reach of young people, according to a senior policy adviser to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

US Military - Smoking in the military: An old habit dies hard

- FORWARD OPERATING BASE FALCON, Iraq — Gen. Douglas MacArthur had his signature corncob pipe. Soldiers got cigarettes in their C-rations during World War II. Even today, America's war on tobacco seems to have largely bypassed the military.

Australia - Alcohol, cigarette prices may rise

- The price of alcohol favoured by teens and problem drinkers could rise, due to a new tax proposed to improve Australians' health.


Cigarette Price News - Late August 2009

DIY cigarettes? Some smokers start growing tobacco

Wisconsin: State cigarette tax will jump 75 cents in 10 days

Mississippi: Cig taxes: Impact was as advertised


Alternatives to cigarettes: Electronic Cigarettes


As the first link shows, some people have decided to grow their own tobacco. From what I can gather it is legal to grow your own tobacco as long as you don't sell it and only grow it for your own use. It also seems like a lot of trouble to grow tobacco though, much more than growing other plants.



Cigarettes costing over $6 for premium brands in most of Western Washington.

Going up steadily around the rest of the country.


Cigarette Price News for Early-Mid August 2009


Increased crime due to high cigarette prices in Michigan

Native Americans in the northwest want to continue to be able to sell tax-free cigarettes

Cigarette Taxes are bad for everybody

Cigarettes cost over $6 in Florida now


The Obama administration is pushing health care reform. The big question is: what effect will that have on smokers? It all depends on what ends up happening. They will surely try to up the cigarette taxes to make smokers quit, as well as to increase their taxes considering the economy. 

People will continue looking for alternatives to high cigarette prices, like buying from Indian reservations or smuggling, as a few of those news articles noted. Cigarette prices in big cities like NYC, LA, and some parts of New Jersey are at or over $10.00. It's a situation that can't hold out for long.