Cigarette Price News for June 1st and a cigarette prices by state report

Montreal: Depanneur group wants cigarette prices lowered

A group representing owners of convenience stores says a new poll has found that higher taxes on cigarettes are playing a role in store closures.

The group says contraband cigarettes cost about $2, whereas legal cigarettes cost around $8 or $9....


Thailand: Poll: Cigarette Smokers too weak to quit

Most Thai smokers would like to quit smoking but they have not been very successful, according to a survey by the Suan Dusit Poll.

On the occasion of the World No Tobacco Day on Sunday, the survey was conducted between Thursday and Sunday, involving 1,092 respondents, both smokers, second-hand smokers and non-smokers, in Bangkok and nearby provinces.

On the respondents’ views on cigarette smokers, 41.06 per cent said smokers can smoke without causing troubles to others. 30.72 per cent were worried about the health of smokers. 28.22 per cent believed smokers had the right to smoke....


Australia: Tobacco tax will widen wealth gap

A proposal to increase taxes on cigarettes would direct the money of some of the worst off in our society to some of the most affluent, writes Jennifer Doggett.....


Some recent cigarette price reports

Cigarette Prices in:

Western New York: $4.75-$5.75

Kansas: $4.50-$5.50

Des Moines, Iowa: $5.15

Boise, Idaho: $5.25+

Baltimore, Maryland: $5.50-$6.00

These are prices for a pack of premium cigarettes like Camel, Marlboro, Newport, Doral etc.