Cigarette Alternatives - Cigarette Prices Too Much? Try these instead!

With the average cost of a pack of cigarettes in America at $6.00, buying cigarettes is a big drain on your wallet. There are a number of alternatives to smoking cigarettes, enough that you have many options to choose from.

Alternatives to Cigarette Smoking


Electronic Cigarettes are a newly invented way of smoking. It's usually a battery powered device that looks like a cigarette that you inhale from. You inhale nicotine in a vapor, sometimes with smoke or not, depending on the brand.

Rolling/Making Your Own Cigarettes

Probably the most commonly used cigarette alternative. Buying tobacco and rolling it into rolling papers. Almost all smoke-shops will sell tobacco in pouches, which come with rolling papers, but you can also buy more. Smoking this way will cost about 1/3 of what you spend on cigarettes.

Not only do smoke shops sell tobacco in bags, but many regular places like gas station sell them as well. The taste and feel of smoking cigarettes you rolled yourself is different from premium brand cigarettes, it is certainly an acquired taste. You can order tobacco

There are also very nice brands of quality tobacco that you can buy.


Of course, you could always just quit! Quitting smoking can be pretty hard. Nicotine is a very addictive substance. You can either go cold turkey, which means quitting outright with no assistance. Or you could use a number of programs that help you quit.

Smoking Less

Consciously try to smoke less cigarettes per day. Try buying a cigarette case that holds half as many cigarettes as you usually smoke per day, and only smoke the cigarettes in the case.

Slowing lowering the amount of cigarettes is a better option than cutting them in half quickly. Smoke 1 less cigarette a day every week until you get to the amount you'd like to be smoking.