Cigarette price news for late September 2009

Overall, the situation is holding steady. Recent increases in cigarette prices are beginning to have an effect. In most places, cigarette prices are slowly inching up. In the last year, they were increasing rapidly.


Illinois: Some unfazed by higher cigarette taxes, others try to quit

In response to cigarette prices going up, some are using different tobacco products or using new smoking methods.


New Jersey: Four men arrested, $280K seized in northern N.J. illegal cigarette sales probe

Buying them cheaper in other states, and selling them illegally in states with higher cigarette taxes.


Seattle: 7 charged in Seattle contraband cigarette case

Another similar case.


New York: 21 arrested in untaxed cigarette sting

Cigarette smugglers pulling in 800k a week.


One result of higher cigarette prices is the rise of smugglers, expect to see more of this in the future.