Cigarette Prices and Cigarette Taxes May 9, 2009

May 9, 2009 - News

Serbia increases cigarette prices

BS from Florida about the "benefits" of increased taxes

E-Cigarettes spark debate

Local Price Updates

Cigarette Price Watch keeps track of the cigarette prices in the news as well as cigarette tax hikes. We also keep information on the cost of cigarettes in local areas. These come from people who e-mail us or contact us through other methods. Here are the local cigarette price updates for May 9:

These are for top of the line brands like Marlboro or Camel

Central Ohio: $5.25

Seattle $6.00

Salt Lake City: $5.20

Brooklyn: $8.35

Just outside of Atlanta: $6.10

Des Moines, Iowa: $4.75

Boise, ID: $5.50